By Hal Rahn, President, Norcom Inc.

Are you busy with back-to-school shopping in your household? If so, you will be interested to learn that at Norcom, we have implemented a variety of sustainability programs to help us focus on and measure the impacts of the paper-based school and office products we offer. While most consumers don’t necessarily have the time to sort through all of the information and metrics for sustainability programs that companies like Norcom have undertaken, we have made it easier for consumers to identify products from well-managed forests.

schoolAt Norcom, we have labeled our Basic notebooks and paper, Omni school supplies and Officeworks supplies with the SFI Certified Sourcing label. This label tells you that fiber in these products comes from responsibly managed forests and non-controversial sources.

Consumers can make a difference every day by doing something as simple as making responsible buying choices – and by buying products certified to the SFI Standard. To make sure the items that go into a school backpack support the future of our forests, simply look for the SFI label!

Sustainability – Helping Children Understand They Can Make a Difference

The start of the school year is an ideal time for consumers to demonstrate their preference by selecting products from well-managed forests while teaching their children the importance of responsible purchasing habits.

Just as you do everything you can to support your child’s future in the classroom, look for the SFI label to support the future of our forests.

I hope you plan to join us as we support the SFI community of landowners to brand owners, government, conservation and academia at the SFI annual conference in San Antonio! I’ll be speaking more about sustainability efforts across the forest products supply-chain and I look forward to seeing you there.


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