Communities rely on forests for jobs and economic development, recreational benefits and human health. These links between people and forests have always been important, but are even more relevant in an increasingly connected and changing world. Our work is focused on nurturing a positive relationship between people who live near and work in forests, and the goals of a sustainable marketplace and healthy forests.

SFI’s network drives our success. Our network helps link our pillars, promote learning, and increase our scale. The SFI network leads forest-focused collaborations that make an impact.


SFI Community Grants support collaborative projects like traditional Indigenous knowledge transfer from elders to youth, workshops, educational field trips for underserved populations, and programming focused on mass timber.


SFI supports community-led forest-focused initiatives and partners with leading Indigenous organizations so that all communities are able to fully value and benefit from sustainably managed forests.

SFI Implementation Committees


This grassroots network involves private landowners, independent loggers, forestry professionals, Indigenous people, local government officials, academics, scientists, and conservationists.

SFI's Network


SFI builds meaningful relationships by partnering with organizations interested in creating community-level impact to increase the understanding of the value and benefits of sustainably managed forests.

Jess Kaknevicius
Vice President, Community Engagement
Tel: 647-797-1117
Nadine Block
Senior Vice President, Government & Network Relations
Tel: 202-596-3456
Paul Robitaille
Director, Indigenous and Youth Relations
Tel: 613-288-5856
Gordy Mouw
Director, Program Participant and Implementation Committee Relations
Tel: 715-220-4132