It is critical that we work together to ensure the sustainability of our planet. People and organizations are seeking solutions that not only reduce negative impacts but ensure positive contributions to the long-term health of people and the planet. The opening session of the 2021 SFI annual conference will set the stage by highlighting the power of practical, scalable solutions including standards, conservation tools and policy initiatives that address sustainability challenges.

Kathy Abusow

President and CEO
Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Elder Claudette Commanda

Algonquin Elder
Kitigan Zibi

Karla Guyn

Ducks Unlimited Canada, and
SFI Board Chair

The Honourable Seamus O’Regan

Natural Resources Canada

Climate change is one of our most pressing global challenges and it is necessary for everyone to play a role in addressing it. Hear how governments, architects, mass timber producers, and global retailers are prioritizing this important theme and the policies, planning and practices that are being put in place to address this important issue. This session will also help you understand the important work of SFI in this space including a new Climate Smart Forestry Objective, and progress being made in our conservation impact work which contributes to quantifying and raising awareness on how sustainable forest management and responsibly sourced forest products are a solution to the climate challenge. 

Diane Nicholls

Assistant Deputy Minister, Chief Forester
Province of British Columbia

Robert Bonnie

Senior Advisor on Climate
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Hardy Wentzel


Tonette Lim

Responsible Sourcing Manager, Global Sustainability and Compliance
Costco Wholesale Corporation

Land managers, forest product companies and others in the forest sector supply chain are increasingly asked to conduct and/or respond to materiality assessments as it relates to its environmental, social and governance (ESG) attributes and performance. Listen to what CEOs and CSOs have to say about customer, regulatory and investment trends in this space. Learn how the sector is responding and how the four pillars of SFI (standards, conservation, community, education and career pathways) can significantly contribute to a company’s ESG reporting and performance.

Mike Doss

President and CEO
Graphic Packaging International
and SFI Board Member

Brandi Colander

Chief Sustainability Officer

Brian Kernohan

Chief Sustainability Officer
Senior Managing Director, Environment & Policy
Manulife Investment Management
Private Markets | Hancock Natural Resource Group


SFI-certified forests and fiber sourcing generate multiple conservation-related outcomes, including habitat for multiple species and recovery of species at risk, water quality, and meeting the challenges of climate change. Learn about how powerful partnerships of SFI-certified organizations, non-profit organizations, agencies, and Certified Organizations are advancing solutions, and generating outcomes that really make a difference.

Molly Hudson

Director, Sustainability
Mosaic Forest Management

Lisa McGlaughlin

Vice-president, Conservation Planning and Policy
Nature Conservancy Canada

Dave Tenny

President and CEO
National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO)

The forestry sector has the opportunity to be a leader by recruiting, retaining and advancing a diverse and resilient workforce. The speakers in this session will share research and personal stories to provide tools and ideas about diversity & inclusion in the workplace and to support change in our organizations and society. 

Vicki Christiansen

USDA Forest Service

Dr. Antomia “Mia” Farrell

Deputy National President, Minorities in Agriculture
Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS)
Assistant Dean and Director for Diversity
University of Kentucky

Amy Rose

Manager for Indigenous Relations

Tanya Wick

Vice President, People & Services
Tolko Industries

Hear from key partners in the launch of the SFI Urban & Community Forest Standard and why this important initiative is poised to make a meaningful contribution to this space. Trees are vital to the health, wealth, and climate resiliency of all people who live in cities. Urban forests provide myriad benefits to local communities and connect urban society with sustainability – by mitigating climate change, cooling urban heat islands, reducing air pollution, improving mental and physical health, increasing accessibility to nature, and much more. Learn about SFI’s new area of work in urban forestry, launched in collaboration with key partners in the US and Canada.

Dan Lambe

Arbor Day Foundation, and
SFI Board Member

Caitlyn Pollihan

CEO and Executive Director
International Society of Arboriculture

Danielle St-Aubin

Tree Canada

Jad Daley

President and CEO
American Forests, and
SFI Board Member


SFI Implementation Committees (SICs) are a grassroots network that provides community leadership through logger training, youth education, conservation research and community engagement activities. This session will showcase specific efforts at the local level that can be scaled up and utilized with other SICs and offer ideas for SIC collaboration and engagement. Participants are invited to join breakout sessions to discuss specific topics in more detail.

Dennis Becker

Dean, College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho

Norie Dimeo-Ediger

Director of K-12 Education Programs
Oregon Forest Resources Institute

The Conservation Impact Sounding Board ensures that SFI’s conservation impact work is grounded in credible science and resonates with key audiences. This open and interactive session will provide a review of key conservation impact outcomes from five years of investigations relative to climate, water and biodiversity. Participants will also engage actively with experts in discussing relevancy and messaging for these outcomes, and addressing remaining gaps to provide focus for future work. Join in the discussion, and learn more about how SFI measures conservation outcomes.

Nadine Block
Senior VP, Community and Government Relations
Tel: 202-596-3456
Sustainably Managed Forests Deliver Shared Sustainability Goals. More than 330 virtual attendees from across the U.S. and Canada joined the Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s E-Summit, Growing Solutions, to share ideas about how sustainably managed forests, and products sourced from those forests, are great tools to achieve shared sustainability goals.