Through my long career in forest conservation, I’ve observed that there are many “good things” that an organization can do to add value, “move the needle” forward on conservation results, and look to conserving our future forests. The real trick is figuring out the right things to do first.


Photo Credit: American Forest Foundation

Thankfully, there are innumerable organizations working in partnerships to advance forest conservation, and most of them give careful thought to priorities that make the most impact.  At SFI we are fully behind this and we are very interested in continued partnerships that provide leverage to advance key ideas or methods, and which provide insights that have impact far beyond the bounds of the original project. Great examples can be found in the work of some of our past grant recipients. For example, the American Forest Foundation is working to refine outreach approaches to landowners within one of the most significant landscapes for longleaf restoration, thus elevating opportunity for landowners and conservation outcomes for longleaf restoration all at the same time. The methods they develop will be replicable across any number of significant landscapes, and a variety of forest types where the actions of private landowners can make a real difference.

Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to hear from some great partners who are considering applying for a Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant through SFI. It’s really gratifying to hear the range of ideas under consideration and to know that, through the great work of some creative partners, SFI will continue to move the needle forward on forest conservation.

The application deadline for the Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant Program is quickly approaching: February 21.


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