Jordan Benner captured this photo of students learning the art of tree estimating during the yearly Envirothon competition in Rediscovery Forest, Silverton, Oregon. Tree estimating is when you calculate the height of the tree by either comparing the tree´s height with a measurable object, or by using goniometry. It’s a great example of communities engaging in educational activities that protect the future of our forests.

envirothon (1)To foster on-the-ground adoption of responsible forestry practices, we award grants to community-based projects to educate youth and teachers, work with landowners, and support worthy community programs. This year’s grants span the country and are a great example of experiential education supporting sustainability.

  •  The Georgia SFI Implementation Committee built a Habitat for Humanity home in Macon, Ga. The project is featured in a new film the group produced about the Georgia sustainable forest industry and the cycle from seedling to forest to mill to products and replanting, starting the cycle anew.
  • The Minnesota SFI Implementation Committee will develop an educational kiosk to teach students visiting the Minnesota Historical Society’s Forest History Center about responsible forestry.
  • The Florida SFI Implementation Committee on behalf of Florida Project Learning Tree (PLT) will host educator workshops on forestry for university students during the 2013-2014 school  year.
  • The Idaho Forest Foundation (c/o Idaho Community Foundation) will host a Sustainable Forestry teacher’s tour, exposing participants to the Project Learning Tree curriculum.
  • The National Network of Forest Practitioners will engage, educate and support 120 minority and underserved forest landowners in counties with high African American land ownership.
  • The Boy Scouts of America’s Philmont Scout Ranch will teach sustainable forest management principles and skills to over 5,000 youth visiting Philmont Scout Ranch’s Demonstration Forest in 2013.
  •  Auburn University’s Rural Studio will design and build a Boy Scout Hut with sustainably harvested wood products. This will provide the Boy Scouts of Greensboro, Ala., a much-needed headquarters.

We are excited to see the outcomes of these great projects, but as this photo reminds us, everyone can get involved in many big and small ways to make our forests stronger.


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