On June 5th we launched the process of revising our current SFI Program Requirements to develop the SFI 2015-2021 Standard and the SFI Chain of Custody Standard. We began by reaching out to more than 10,000 stakeholders for input and comments. But that’s just the start of our open and inclusive process, involving the many different people who know and care about our forests including public and private landowners, forest sector representatives, indigenous communities, environmental groups, industry, academia and government officials.
new growth-1This same diverse group of stakeholders represents the users of the SFI Standards who have achieved third-party certification to the SFI Standard on 240 million acres of forestland and 1,063 SFI COC Certificates covering 2,732 sites.

This marks the fourth public review of the SFI forest management certification standard. We are proud of the 240 million acres certified to the current standard, but we are also excited about the process of reviewing – an essential part of our commitment to continual improvement.

The transparent process is overseen by the Board of Directors and the Resources Committee, with equal representation from the environmental, social and economic sectors.

An independent External Review Panel ensures the development and revision of the SFI program requirements embodies an open, fair and inclusive process that addresses all comments submitted. Those comments and how they are addressed are publicly posted on our website throughout the revision process.

There will be two 60-day public comment periods with the first running from June 5 through August 6, 2013. During this period, respondents suggest improvements to the current SFI 2010-2014 Program Requirements. The second public comment period will begin in January 2014 to solicit comments on a working draft of the proposed SFI 2015-2021 Program Requirements

The process will also include 10 public Standards Revision workshops across the U.S. and Canada and a facilitated webinar workshop to accommodate those stakeholders who cannot make any of the regional workshops.

Here are the key dates for the Standards Revision process:

  •  June 5-August 6 2013: first 60-day public comment period
  •  Fall 2013: workshops for public comments
  • Mid-Fall 2013: Resources Committee drafts new SFI 2015-2021 Program Requirements based on comments
  • Fall 2013: SFI External Review Panel reviews handling of public comments
  • December 2013: SFI Board of Directors reviews first draft of new SFI 2015-2021 Program Requirements 
  • January-March 2014: Second 60-day public review period to seek input on SFI 2015-2021 draft
  • Spring 2014: SFI External Review Panel reviews handling of public comments
  • Fall 2014: SFI Board of Directors approves final SFI 2015-2021 Program Requirements
  • Jan. 1, 2015: New SFI 2015-2021 Program Requirements are launched

We hope you will take part in the processes and help us improve forestry and protect the future of forests with the SFI 2015-2021 Program Requirements.

Gregor Macintosh
Senior Director, Standards


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